Buffalo Girl®

Quartz Crystal Druid Ring

$130 AUD

This exquisite Druid Ring in warm nude, features a raw Quartz Crystal hand wrapped onto an Italian leather shank with wonderfully elegant tooling. We love how this ring compliments the rest of our range of accessories and rounds off that Buffalo Girl look!



  • Size 7
  • Stone dimensions:  4.5cm x 1.2cm
  • The length on your finger: 4.5 cm

Ring Size Guide - Circumference:

Ring Size Guide

Please, note that the lifestyle shot is for inspiration purposes only.


Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz contains every colour possible, which means it can work on all levels of being. The natural rainbow within it stimulates awareness of universal love and drives away negativity, dispersing healing energy to the body and to the environment. It is an energy amplifier which raises energy to the highest possible level. It absorbs, stores, releases, and unblocks energy. Double terminated quartz points can absorb and emit energy from both ends at the same time, making the crystal act as a bridge between any two things - two energy points, two people, two places. By simultaneously absorbing and emitting energy these crystals can help you avoid stagnation by throwing you into the flow of life.

Clear quartz


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