Buffalo Girl®

Guardian Wings Wallet with Labradorite

$430 AUD

This gorgeous piece in warm shades of tan features a beautifully hand carved new version of our Guardian Wings design, surrounding a mystical Labradorite stone inlay.


  • Hand carved wallet featuring a Labradorite stone inlay.
  • Zip-up pocket inside
  • Plenty of room for cards and cash
  • The wallet fastens with a magnetic clasp and can also serve as a clutch
  • Wallet dimensions: 21cm (8.3") x 10cm (3.9")

To make sure you have the original product, always look for the Buffalo Girl logo! As with all our pieces, this wallet will become even more beautiful with age.


It is a mystical, protective stone, and a great deflector of unwanted energies. The base colour of labradorite is a dark, smokey grey, but when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays captivating rainbow-coloured reflections. For this reason mystics see it as a stone of transformation and magic. 


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