Buffalo Girl®

Floral Carving Wallet with Labradorite

$430 AUD

This beautiful wallet in antique brown features intricately hand carved Floral design, carefully hand painted gold with a rustic finish. Topped off with an amazing, mystical Labradorite stone, surrounded by our signature stamping, this wallet is an outstanding work of art. The old western antique & gold colours combined with the delightfully warm, golden glow of the stone add a uniquely regal feel to this amazing wallet!

Features: Hand painted leather wallet with Labradorite stone inlay, magnetic fastening, zip-up pocket inside & plenty of room for cards and cash. Pocket on the back of the wallet is perfect for a phone. The wallet can also serve as a clutch.

Wallet dimensions: 21cm/8.3" x 10cm/3.9"

To make sure you have a genuine Buffalo Girl wallet, always look for our logo! Similar to other Buffalo Girl pieces, this wallet will become even more beautiful with age.


It is a mystical, protective stone, and a great deflector of unwanted energies. The base colour of labradorite is a dark, smokey grey, but when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays captivating rainbow-coloured reflections. For this reason mystics see it as a stone of transformation and magic. 


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