Eagle Woman

The Eagle

Buffalo Girl's creator Terry has always had a fascination with eagles. These powerful birds of prey are capable of flying at 15,000 feet, soaring over vast areas with minimum effort. An eagle's eyes are eight times sharper than that of a human's, and they provide a wide field of view. It is for that reason the eagle is almost universally recognised as a symbol of freedom and courage, strength and vision. In Native American culture the eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit and the connection to the divine.

The vision of an eagle is a call to being courageous and stretching your wings. Instead of accepting the status quo, the eagle compels you to reach higher and become more than you believe you're capable of. It compels you to look at things from a different perspective and to reach for the stars! 

It is that uncompromising courage and clarity of vision the eagle represents that deeply resonate with Terry, who, as a single mother, started her now internationally recognised brand that is known for pushing the limits of what you can and cannot do. With its captivating creative vision, which unifies the ancient and the modern, Buffalo Girl rises above the rules of both fashion and the traditional leather industry.


Girl and Andalusian Horse

The Horse      

Terry's love of horses began with catching and riding them on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. Since then, she has had many equine friends and the horse totem has accompanied her throughout her life. Just like with eagles, she often incorporates horses into her designs.

The horse stands for new direction, personal drive, determination, and achieving goals. Over many millennia, it was the horse that carried humanity on its many adventures and journeys of discovery. As a horse carries one through life, it helps renew in us the sense of freedom and power. It symbolises expressing yourself freely, which is so significant to Terry, for whom the free creative flow is the key to making her striking designs.

The spirited horse is a driving force, helping you act intentionally and go where you want to go. Known in her youth as 'The Horse Girl', Terry has set a direction not only for herself but also for others within the Byron Bay creative community.


Man on the prairie among wild buffalo

The Buffalo

When it came to choosing the name for her brand, Terry felt drawn to the buffalo totem, a Native American symbol of abundance.

The Buffalo stands for manifesting abundance through right action, expressing gratitude to every part of creation, and honouring that which you seek. If a buffalo is showing up in your life, it may indicate opportunities to manifest or move towards. Starting out with her small market stall at the Byron Artisan Markets, Terry chose the buffalo as her guide to prosperity. During the very beginnings the strong symbolism of the buffalo, a large, grounded four-footed animal, helped Terry establish her vision for Buffalo Girl. Remaining true to herself and uncompromising in her principles, Terry saw her venture thrive.

To Buffalo Girl the buffalo totem prompts us to always show gratitude for the good that has already come our way, and is a constant reminder that we are always provided for.

* The meanings of the Spirit Animals come from Ted Andrews' book 'Animal-Speak', as well as online resources such as this and this one